Danish Songs and Hymns (piano)

Tracks: 1: O Day Full of Grace 2: Our Father Has Light in His Window 3: The Happy Christmas Comes Once More 4: Now Here Is Christmas Again 5: A Babe Is Born in Bethlehem 6: Bright and Glorious Is the Sky 7: There’s No Grandma Just Like Mine 8: The Little Ole 9: Thy Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We 10: How Blessed From the Bonds of Sin 11: I Love the Ocean 12: The Danish Hiking Song 13: There Is a Lovely Land 14: Roselil’ 15: Danish Harvest Song 16: The Tiller 17: We Plow the Fields 18: Kathryn’s Wedding Day 19: Han Skal Leve 20: Some Day I Know 21: I Saw Him in Childhood 22: I Go to Heaven 23: Built On a Rock

Sample Tracks

Built On a Rock

Kathryn’s Wedding Day

Our Father Has Light in His Window

The Happy Christmas Comes Again